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Classroom rugs at school or kids rugs at home

No matter what type of classroom rug you are looking for, be it Daycare rugs and Kindergarten rugs, Preschool carpets, we have a complete assortment for you to select from. Our children's rugs are just wonderful and just make great carpets for kids to play on whether they are used in the home or in the classroom as a learning tool. 
Please contact us for special pricing on orders of 5 or more rugs.

123 children's rugs

Children love to count and what better way to help them develop their counting skills than to have them sit and play on one of our number rugs. We have a full assortment of number rugs that are perfect to use as school rugs or classroom rugs in a preschool classroom, kindergarten room or for use as a daycare rug to introduce kids to the concept of numbers and counting. All of our 123 rugs are bright and colorful adding a sense of fun and excitement to any classroom.

ABC Rugs

Whether it is English or Spanish, we have the children's rugs you need to help with teaching the alphabet and the whole idea of language to preschoolers. Whether in a classroom or not these rugs brighten any room and bring low level introduction to of concepts around how to turn spoken language into the early stages of reading comprehension.

Bilingual Rugs

Habla Espanol? If you have Spanish speaking preschoolers then one of our Bilingual classroom rugs is just what you need. These rugs show children how one language translates to the other language and makes them more adept at learning both English and Spanish. Churches who have congregations with Spanish families will find these rugs particularly useful.

CircleTime Rugs

If your preschool or kindergarten spends time having students sit in circles around a reader, what better way to have the correct spacing of children than to provide them each with their own sitting spot. This is exactly what our circle time rugs do. Not only are these educational rugs but they provide exact spacing for preschoolers and make sure that their is less bumping and more learning. Our circletime rugs make great library rugs and generally are just great teaching rugs. When students arrive to be read to they will have a specific spot they can sit at and teachers will know if they are playing around if they are not on their given circle on the rug.

Faith Based Carpets

Looking for Sunday school rugs? You've come to the perfect spot. We have a full selection of rugs for churches and rugs for Sunday Schools that reflect various religious themes. Whether you are looking for a rug involving Noah or a rug with teachings from the New Testament we've got got Sunday school carpets to meet your needs. If you don't find what you like here you might try our site dedicated to religious rugs and christian carpets called

Geography Rugs

What better way to educate preschoolers and kindergarteners about the geography of the world than to have them sit on a rug that has different countries of the world. If you are looking to add a bit more of educational aspects to you daycare or kindergarten, these geographic rugs point out countries, capitals and areas of the world that preschoolers will find very interesting.

USA Rugs

Our United States rugs provide a way for children to explore the united states and have a place to sit down as well. Kindergarteners can see states, boundries and capitals on their floor which should help them as they progress in school and learn more about geography. Kids Softfloors

Library Rugs

If your preschool or kindergarten has a library you need to have a least one if not two of our library rugs. These library rugs are perfect for fidgety children who have a hard time staying in one spot. They also provide a great area for librarians or parent volunteers to sit in the middle and read to all the children. Our library rugs range in size and shape to they can fit into any library, big or small.

Themed Rugs

These are the rugs children just love. If your preschool, kindergarten, day care or Sunday school are looking for a theme for classrooms then check out our assortment of themed rugs. We have planet themed rugs, USA themed rugs, rainbow themed rugs, undersea themed rugs, pond themed rugs, road themed rugs, jungle themed rugs, construction themed rugs and tropical themed rugs. Many of our themed rugs have accent rugs that go along with them to help spread the theme throughout the room or building. Having a theme creates and exciting and vibrant atmosphere that makes coming to school just plain old fun.

Classroom Rugs

All of our rugs can be classified as class room rugs. These rugs make can serve as a preschool carpet, daycare carpet, kindergarten carpet or simply as an educational carpet for home use. All of our class room rugs are made from sturdy materials which means they are ready to stand the test of time against even the toughest usage found in classroom environments. Each carpet is designed to be a teaching rug or educational rug in some way such that students get something out of just sitting and playing on them. Whether you choose our wonderful protective soft floors or our standard poly ply rugs we know you will be thoroughly satisfied.

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