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Bring in fun rugs in your classroom!
Posted by Ashley on 5/25/2013 to Preschool Rugs

It's raining buckets here in Merrimack, NH! All the leaves are out and hopefully all the pollen will be washed away by all this rain.  I can't wait to till summer comes around the corner; my students are going to love these new vibrant and educational rugs from Preschool Rug  Down below are a few rugs that I picked out! Let me know about your recent purchases from the Preschool Rug Store!

Learning new skills with new rugs!
Posted by Ashley on 5/18/2013 to Preschool Rugs

In my last post, I purchased three new rugs for my classroom.  The kids were so excited about them! I have never seen them so eager to learn and that put a huge smile on my face.  I was very pleased with how the games went with the children.  So after that experience with the rugs, I decided to bring in some new ones, and these are the ones that I picked out for the weeks ahead!  Tell me about your experiences with these kid friendly rugs! 

Makeover your Classroom Today!
Posted by Ashley on 5/13/2013 to Educational Rugs

I can’t believe the Preschool Rug Store has all of these bright colored rugs they have for a friend of mine, who is a Montessori teacher for a preschool in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  She loved all the colors that Preschool Rug Store has to offer.  She has bought these three rugs below for her classroom.  Her students are going to be very excited about the additional rugs! 

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